APS Undergraduate Faculty Mentors

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Fran Bagenal (Professor) (P,S,O) Magnetic fields of planets, planetary plasmas & the interaction of planetary objects. Duane D-113 492-2598 bagenal@colorado.edu
David Brain (Lead Mentor/Asst. Prof.) (P,S) Planetary atmospheres and climate evolution; Interaction of planets and their magnetic fields with the Sun. Duane- D133 735-5606 David.Brain@colorado.edu
Web Cash(Professor) (A,I,O) Experimental astrophysics, including the development of star for exoplanet observations. Duane F-913 ARL 175C 492-4056, 5-2640 Webster.Cash@colorado.edu
Julie Comerford (Asst. Prof.) (A,O) Galaxy evolution and black holes brought together during galaxy mergers. Duane C-328A 735-7032 Julie.Comerford@colorado.edu
Doug Duncan (Sr. Instructor) (A,O,E) Research on teaching and learning of astronomy, spectroscopy solar-type stars, composition of the oldest stars. N710 (SBO) Duane D137 735-6141 Douglas.Duncan@colorado.edu
Erica Ellingson (Professor) (A,O,E) Observational cosmology, galaxy evolution and active galactic nuclei. Duane C332A 492-6610 Erica.ellingson@colorado.edu
James Green (Professor) (A,I,O) Instrumentation-the interstellar and intergalactic medium hot stars, and cosmology. Duane D329, ARL 175E 492-7712, 492-7645 James.Green@colorado.edu
Andrew Hamilton (Professor) (A,T) Theoretical astrophysics and cosmology, including black holes. JILA A706 492-7833 Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu
Seth Hornstein (Sr. Instructor) (A,O,E) Teaching excellence, educational research, K-12 teacher prep programs. Duane D143, N125 (SBO) 492-5631 Seth.Hornstein@colorado.edu
Mark Rast (Assoc. Professor) (S,T,O) Solar Physics, Astrophysical fluid dynamics. Duane D121, LSTB 135 492-5348, 735-1038 Mark.Rast@lasp.colorado.edu
John Stocke (Professor) (A,O,E) Extragalactic observer of space-based & ground-based telescopes. C-328B 492-1521 John.Stocke@colorado.edu
Juri Toomre (Professor) (S,A,T) Theoretical and computational astrophysics, including solar and stellar convection, magnetic dynamo action within stars, turbulence in many settings, and helioseismology. JILA A606 492-7854 jtoomre@jila.colorado.edu


P = Planetary Science; S = solar/space physics; A = astrophysics

T = theory/simulation; O = Observation; I = instrumentation

Career Plans:
E = K-12 education and public outreach; POL = policy (Burns or Baker); R = research (all faculty); Tech = technical (all faculty)