APS Colloquia

Colloquia for Fall 2019

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title Contact
26 Aug Omer Blaes JILA - visiting fellow Thermodynamics and Turbulence in Accretion Disks: From Dwarf Novae to Quasars Mitch Begelman
09 Sep Jason Dexter CU Boulder Imaging Black Holes: Beyond the Shadow Mitch Begelman
16 Sep Fran Bagenal CU Boulder Stemming the Leak David Brain
23 Sep Lindy Elkins-Tanton Arizona State The NASA Psyche mission: Planning a mission to a little-known target Zach Berta-Thompson
24 Sep Lindy Elkins-Tanton Arizona State Culture, Leadership, and Education Zach Berta-Thompson
30 Sep Jorge Perez-Gallego CU Boulder Informal—or tangential—Astronomy John Keller
07 Oct Steve Cranmer CU Boulder Plasma Unbound: New Insights into Heating the Solar Corona and Accelerating the Solar Wind
14 Oct John O'Meara Keck Observatory A Horizon in Fog: The Coming Decades of Astronomical Sciences Kevin France/ Brian Fleming
21 Oct Matthias Rempel High Altitude Observatory Simulations of the Solar Atmosphere with MURaM: From Quiet Sun to Flares Masha Kazachenko
28 Oct Sebastian Heinz University of Wisconsin - Madison X-ray Dust Tomography: The New Frontier in Galactic Exploration Mitch Begelman
04 Nov Robin Wordsworth Harvard The Climate and Habitability of Mars Through Time Paul Hayne
11 Nov Gongjie Li Georgia Tech On the Spin-axis Dynamics of Planets
18 Nov Jessie Runnoe Michigan TBA Jason Dexter
02 Dec Jeremy Darling CU Boulder Real-Time Cosmology
09 Dec Zoltan Haiman Columbia Formation and Growth of Massive Black Holes Mitch Begelman
16 Dec Stuart Bale UC Berkeley To the corona and back with a NASA spacecraft: the first perihelia of Parker Solar Probe Masha Kazachenko

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