APS Colloquia

Colloquia for Spring 2023

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title Contact
23 Jan Sarah Beck Massive Star Clusters: the First 2 Million Years Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu
08 Feb Iryna Butsky Cosmic Rays and the Circumgalactic Medium
22 Feb Caroline Morley Icy Planets, Windswept Worlds: Into a New Era of Exoplanet Characterization with JWST andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
27 Feb Wren Suess Transforming our understanding of galaxy formation with the power of JWST and ALMA andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
01 Mar Sebastian Pineda A Magnetic Connection from Stars to Planets andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
06 Mar Katie Grasha Galaxy evolution through the eyes of stellar modelling and resolved, multi-wavelength star formation observations andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
08 Mar Eileen Gonzales Read Between the Spectral Lines: Characterizing Substellar Atmospheres andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
13 Mar Daisuke Nagai Physical vs. Data-Driven Approaches in the Era of Multi-Wavelength Astronomical Surveys andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
03 Apr Louise Edwards Calpoly Galaxy evolution in the local universe: Insights from integral field spectroscopy
10 Apr Jessica Watkins NASA From Rocks to Rockets andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
17 Apr Jake Connors NIST From Earth to Exoplanets: Building the next generation of Far-Infrared Spectrometers
24 Apr Debra Simmons Engineering at the Extremes andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
01 May Susan Lepri The University of Michigan Insights from Heavy Ion Composition in the Heliosphere

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