APS Colloquia

Colloquia for Fall 2023

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title Contact
28 Aug Laura Blecha University of Florida Supermassive Black Hole Modeling for the Low-Frequency Gravitational-Wave Era Erica Nelson
11 Sep Dr. Amy R. Winebarger NASA Probing the Sun with Imaging Spectrographs Erica Nelson
18 Sep Paul Hayne CU Boulder The New Age of Exploration and Science at the Poles of the Moon erica.june.nelson@colorado.edu
25 Sep Dr. Zach Berta-Thompson CU Boulder How do planetary atmospheres work?
09 Oct Justin Spilker Texas A & M Cleaning up the dusty universe with JWST and ALMA erica.june.nelson@colorado.edu
16 Oct Dr. Luis Welbanks NASA Decoding Exoplanet Atmospheres: The Revolutionary Role of JWST Erica Nelson
23 Oct Julie Comerford University of Colorado at Boulder Cosmic Mashups: From Galaxies to Black Holes
30 Oct Dr. Kartheik Iyer NASA Hubble Fellow Galaxies in the Making: Recent Advances in Understanding the Star Formation Histories of Galaxies Erica Nelson
06 Nov Andy Cheng Johns Hopkins University DART mission: Deflecting an Asteroid by Kinetic Impact
13 Nov Melinda Soares-Furtado NASA Hubble Fellow Worlds & Suns in Context: The Role of Age and Environment
27 Nov David Brain LASP Retention of Habitable Atmospheres in Planetary Systems Erica Nelson
04 Dec Ted Bergin University of Michigan Linking Planet Formation to Exoplanet Composition
11 Dec Desika Narayanan University of Florida A Tour of Dust in (Simulated) Galaxies

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