APS Colloquia

Colloquia for Fall 2022

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title Contact
22 Aug Round Robin andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
29 Aug Meredith MacGregor UCB How to Form a Habitable Planet Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu
12 Sep Maria Kazachenko UCB/LASP/NSO Solar Magnetic Fields Before and During Eruptions andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
19 Sep David Malaspina Dispatches from the Sun: Physics of our Nearest Star Determined by the Parker Solar Probe Mission Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu
26 Sep Shannon Curry Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California Berkeley Parker Solar Probe Venus Fly by Campaign
03 Oct Samantha Lawler University of Regina Megaconstellations of satellites are ruining the night sky for everyone andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
10 Oct Adam Kowalski CU/NSO/LASP Solar Flare Observations and Model Predictions for the Next Solar Magnetic Activity Maximum andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
17 Oct Larry Esposito LASP & APS Saturn’s Rings: Implications for Structure, Dynamics and Origins Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu
24 Oct Henric Krawczynski Washington University in St. Louis First results from measuring the polarization of X-rays from stellar mass black holes in X-ray binaries andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
31 Oct Nour Raouafi Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Environment Near the Sun in the Era of Parker Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter, and DKIST: Advances, Challenges, and Prospects andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
07 Nov Wren Suess Kavli Institute Transforming our understanding of galaxy formation with the power of JWST and ALMA Andrew.Hamilton@colorado.edu
14 Nov Lars Hernquist Harvard The IllustrisTNG Project andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu
28 Nov Néstor Espinoza STScI Exploring new frontiers in exoplanetary science with JWST zbertathompson@gmail.com
05 Dec David Garfinkle Oakland University Black holes, the big bang, and spacetime singularities andrew.hamilton@colorado.edu

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