APS Colloquia

Colloquia for Spring 2024

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title Contact
22 Jan Sarah Rugheimer York University Unlocking the Secrets of Alien Atmospheres: UV Radiation and Exoplanetary Habitability
29 Jan Eric Coughlin Syracuse University How a Black Hole Destroys a Star: New Advances in Understanding Tidal Disruption Events
01 Feb Jorge Moreno Pomona College Galaxies in extreme environments
08 Feb Anowar Shajib University of Chicago The strong-lensing revolution in the JWST-Rubin-Roman era: from resolving the Hubble tension to constraining baryonic feedback
12 Feb Emma Beasor University of Arizona Connecting massive stars, supernovae and compact remnants
15 Feb Megan Mansfield University of Arizona Studying exoplanet atmospheres in the era of JWST
22 Feb Caroline Morley UT Austin Towards Observations of True Solar System Analogs: Into a New Era of Exoplanet Characterization with JWST
26 Feb Taeho Ryu The Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics Tidal disruption events: unresolved problems, challenges, and future Prospects
11 Mar APS ligtning talks CU Boulder APS lightning talks
18 Mar Feryal Özel Georgia Tech What did we learn from black hole images?
01 Apr Shaosui Xu University of California, Berkeley Magnetic Topology at Mars and Venus Shannon Curry
15 Apr Maura McLaughlin West Viriginia University Pulsar Timing Arrays: A New Window on the Gravitational Wave Universe Jeremy Darling
22 Apr Kelsey Johnson University of Virginia How were the most ancient objects in the universe formed?

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