Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Colloquium

Monday, October 09, 2023 at 12:15-1:15PM

JILA Auditorium

Justin Spilker, Texas A & M

"Cleaning up the dusty universe with JWST and ALMA"

A Pretty Image from the Talk


About half the light ever emitted by stars over the course of the history of the universe was absorbed by interstellar dust and re- radiated at long wavelengths. Dust-rich galaxies, extremely faint in visible light images, are the sites of intense starbursts that can rapidly assemble and then cut short the growth of the earliest generations of massive galaxies. I will discuss the ways that two synergistic telescopes - the submillimeter telescope ALMA and the infrared-optimized James Webb Space Telescope - are changing our view of these distant dust-enshrouded galaxies. I will share ongoing work to understand how distant massive galaxies feed into their surrounding cosmic ecosystems and show off some early results from the JWST Early Release Science program TEMPLATES, which is bringing the high-redshift universe into a qualitatively new view.


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