Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Colloquium

Monday, November 27, 2023 at 12:15 pm

JILA auditorium

David Brain , LASP

"Retention of Habitable Atmospheres in Planetary Systems"

A Pretty Image from the Talk


Planetary atmospheres are not static in time, and the many changes they experience can contribute to making the planet’s surface a more (or less) hospitable place. Interactions between the planet and its host star are especially important, and not only control the temperature of an atmosphere but can drive atmospheric escape and atmospheric chemistry. In this presentation I describe ongoing efforts to understand what characteristics of a planet and its star, when combined together, allow the planet to retain an atmosphere that might be habitable at the planet’s surface. I’ll describe observations from planets in our solar system that inform this work, relevant modeling efforts, and a team science effort dedicated to answering this guiding question.


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