APS Colloquia

Colloquia for Spring 2019

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title Contact
14 Jan Brian Toon LASP, CU Boulder Dead Dinosaurs and Nuclear Wars
28 Jan Adam Burgasser UC San Diego 2020 Foresight on Brown Dwarfs Astrophysics
04 Feb Kate Alexander Northwestern (Ciera) Cosmic Extremes: Time-Domain Astrophysics in a Multi-Messenger World
07 Feb Laura Kreidberg Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterization, Present and Future
11 Feb Hsing-Yi (Karen) Yang University of Maryland JSI The Microphysics of AGN Feedback
14 Feb Sarah Wellons Northwestern (Ciera) Simulating Galaxy Formation in the Early Universe
18 Feb Meredith MacGregor Carnegie Science (DTM) Exploring Planet Formation and Habitability
21 Feb Carl Rodriguez MIT From Stellar Dynamics to Compact Binaries: Unlocking the Future of Gravitational Waves
25 Feb Joseph Rodriguez Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Planetary Evolution in Two Acts: Eclipsing Disks and Transiting Planets
28 Feb Erica Nelson Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics The Emergence of Galactic Structure
11 Mar Wendy Freedman U. Chicago Tension in the Hubble Constant Mike Shull/ Andrew Hamilton
01 Apr Suzanne Staggs Princeton Gigapixel Maps of the Cosmic Microwave Background
08 Apr Sarah Gibson High Altitude Observatory TBA Ben Brown
15 Apr Christopher Edwards Northern Arizona University TBA
22 Apr Jackie Hewitt MIT TBA

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